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We offer businesses the benefits of tried-and-true advertising concepts. Restaurant placemats are an inexpensive and proven method for local businesses to put their name and product in front of local buyers everyday.

The biggest advantage of placemat advertising is the ability to reach a broad range of potential clients on a consistent and daily basis. Placemat advertising gives you the opportunity to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers at a very low, per customer cost. Placemat advertising is an excellent long-term, LOW-PRESSURE advertising program!

We print and ship over 2,500 placemats per month.

The featured restaurant's placemats are completely free! Our only requirement from the restaurant is to ensure that every placemat is used. This allows greater recognition for the sponsoring advertisers.

We guarantee increased name recognition, a larger customer base, and INCREASED PROFITS for all businesses involved! Placemat advertising is a win-win situation for your local community. What are you waiting for? Start making more money today!

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